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Did you know over 96% of cell phone owners always check their text messages.
This is why sms marketing has become the prefered choice for engaging customers.

Campaign Schedule

You dont need to wait until the last minute to send a message if you know ahead of time schedule your message and be worry free.


Upload your contacts, create a new group or add them to an existing group for easy contact managing.


All incoming messages are free and replying to your customers has never been easier.


We are on a mission to create the most affordable SMS Marketing system
for business, artists, freelancers, promoters, and lots more

  • $9/m

    • Quick Blast
    • 200 SMS
    • 1 Blast Word
    • MMS Enabled


    • Starter Blast
    • 500 SMS
    • 1 Blast Word
    • MMS Enabled


    • Slick Blast
    • 1000 SMS
    • 1 Blast Word
    • MMS Enabled


    • Blaster Blast
    • 2000 SMS
    • 2 Blast Word
    • MMS Enabled


    • Road Blast
    • 5000 SMS
    • 3 Blast Word
    • MMS Enabled


    • Super Blast
    • 10000 SMS
    • 5 Blast Word
    • MMS Enabled


    • Mega Blast
    • 25000 SMS
    • 7 Blast Word
    • MMS Enabled


    • Ultimate Blast
    • 50000 SMS
    • 10 Blast Word
    • MMS Enabled


MsgBlast - The best text messaging system without the cost and hassle.

MsgBlast is the best text messaging system without the cost and hassle. Whatever you're doing, we can help you connect with your customers via texting. We are here to take your company to the next level of advertisement, our mission is to give our customers the best service and experience.

How do we keep the cost low you may ask, well we use a system that has been in place for a very long time "long codes" all your customers use it and will not be bothered by it and since it's a long code your customer doesn't have to reply using the keyword, they would just reply to their messages like any other text message they receive.


Our support teams stand ready to assist you
with all of your questions regarding our service.

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